About us

The world population is increasing many people are migrating to towns and abandoning agriculture and agricultural lands are encroached for development to accommodate more people in the expanding urban areas so the need of food but most crops cannot be grown without using chemicals fertilizer and soils have been depleted of their nutrients due to excess use of pesticides. Many small scale farmers are still languishing in poverty due to poor farming methods and rain has reduced to many areas due to climate change. Most areas especially in Sub Saharan are becoming dry.


Organic farming training
-We train small scale farmers on conservation farming regenerative farming and bio- intensive agriculture to equip farmers with sustainable farming skills.

Water conservation training
-We train farmers on different water harvesting methods like water shedding contour farming, terracing and water regenerations.

Farm business training
-We equip small scale farmers with marketing skills so as they can be able to run their farm as business.